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Neil Monaghan’s ‘Election Night’ Launches Worldwide On June 23 On The 6th Anniversary Of The Initial Brexit Vote

Political horror can be hard to watch. It can hit us right in the feels… the all too true, could really happen feels. But it can also be one of the scariest genres of horror because of that. Neil Monaghan’s Election Night is set to release this June 23rd, on …

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‘#Shakespeare’s Shitstorm’ (2020) Movie Review: A Perfect Shitstorm For A Shit Year

Murder hornets, protests, riots, gender reveal parties sparking wildfires… 2020 is like nothing we’ve ever seen. National lockdowns and a global pandemic are preventing all human interaction. Stocks and 401Ks plummet while duel hurricanes threaten to tag-team Florida … and not in a fun way. Yes, this apocalyptic year we …

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