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Fantasia Fest 2018 – ‘Cinderella the Cat’ Is A Modern Twist On An Old Classic

One of the many types of movies shown at the Fantasia International Film Festival are animated films. I’m generally not a big fan of animated films other than the Warner Brothers Batman releases, but I decided to give the Italian made Cinderella the Cat (Gatta Cenerentola) a go, and I’m …

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‘Our House’ (2018) Movie Review: Not Your Average Paranormal Story

our house

Much like zombie films, paranormal movies have been run into the ground with the same old story over and over again. However, when I saw the trailer for IFC Midnight’s new film, Our House, it peeked my interested. The story looked intriguing an I’m huge fan of Thomas Mann. Did …

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Fantasia Fest 2018: ‘Nightmare Cinema’ Is A Dream Come True

What a great night for horror fans. Nightmare Cinema was an amazing film to kick off the 2018 Fantasia International Film Festival. I will go so far as to call the first segment of the film a perfect movie, and I’ve only said that a couple of times in my …

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