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Jaysen Buterin’s ‘Kill Giggles’ (2020) Flips the Script On The Serial Killer Clown Genre – Movie Review

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I was really looking forward to attending the Mad Monster Party in Concord, NC, this past Saturday for myriad reasons, but it was the premiere of Kill Giggles (2020) by writer, producer, actor, short-film director Jaysen Buterin (The Decapitator 2010 short film), in his first full-length directorial debut, that was …

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Why ‘Circus of the Dead’ (2014) Rules My Head

I have been a horror fan since I was a little Danny Glick floating outside of peoples’ windows. My mother was wonderfully irresponsible and had nothing but contempt for the norms of motherhood; because of this, she read Stephen King novels to me at bedtime and allowed me to watch …

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‘Terrifier’ (2017) – Coulrophobes Beware!

I write a lot of news articles for PopHorror, but I don’t review a lot of films. After I wrote up the trailer and poster news for Terrifier, I knew that had to change. Dread Central’s latest film effort grabbed my attention from the word “go.” I had to track …

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