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Looking Back On Twenty Plus Years Of ‘BUBBA HO-TEP’ (2002) – Retro Review

Bubba Ho-Tep

Bubba Ho-Tep (2002) is old enough to buy a beer! Let’s revisit this excellent horror comedy for the 21st anniversary of the film. But first? The trailer! Bubba Ho-Tep Synopsis Elvis Presley (Bruce Campbell) and a black JFK going by Jack (Ossie Davis) are living in a nursing home where nothing …

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Don Coscarelli’s ‘THE BEASTMASTER’ (1982): Swords, Sorcery, and Nostalgia – Retro Review

The Beastmaster (1982)

The massive success of George Lucas’s Star Wars in 1977, coupled with the growing popularity of TSR’s Dungeons and Dragons role-playing systems (basic and advanced) gave rise to a new era of filmmaking in Hollywood: Sword and Sorcery! I’m not saying Sword and Sorcery films were invented in the 1980s. …

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A Tribute to Don Coscarelli – Truly A True Indie

The legendary Don Coscarelli turned 68 on February 17, 2022. Honestly, I don’t think “legendary” is an embellishment in the least. Somehow, he’s the least known of the big names of his era like Carpenter, Romero, Craven, and Hooper. I always find myself saying, “Hey, did you know Don Coscarelli …

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Don Coscarelli’s ‘John Dies At The End’ (2012): Two Slackers, An Interdimensional Street Drug, And Wig Monsters – Retro Review

Ten years ago on January 23, 2012, John Dies at the End lured me in with an absolutely irresistible title. It seemed fitting that Don Coscarelli should direct it. It isn’t just a horror film… maybe more of a horror comedy, or a horror sci-fi, but not horror alone. Coscarelli …

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What The Hell Is The Tall Man? Hell Is The Tall Man! ‘Phantasm’ (1979) Turns 40 – Retro Review

On the 40th anniversary of Phantasm, it makes sense to look at one of the film’s most memorable characters… The Tall Man. Played by Angus Scrimm, The Tall Man first graced us with his towering, frightening presence in 1979 in Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm. He was always a powerful, cryptic and …

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Interview with Justin McConnell: Director of ‘Lifechanger’


The end of the year is approaching and I’ve been reminiscing about all the amazing horror movies that have came out this year. One of them is the highly praised horror thriller, Lifechanger (read our review here), directed by Justin McConnell. I recently had a chance to talk with Justin …

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PopHorror Interviews Legendary Horror Icon, Barbara Crampton

Barbara Crampton

So far in my writing career, I’ve had the privilege of reviewing amazing films from all around the world and interviewing iconic legends that I never thought would happen. Recently, I had the the opportunity to talk with someone who has been a true horror inspiration since the ’80s and …

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Take A Look Back At ‘Phantasm II’ (1988) – Retro Review

The Phantasm franchise conjured one of the most provocative and truly original storylines in the horror genre. Going off just first appearances, the movie might seem mediocre. That’s where I come in to explain why Phantasm II is a must see, even after all these years. In order to fully …

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Retro Review – Phantasm (1979)

The 4K restoration of the original Phantasm, spearheaded by J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot Productions, premiered at SXSW last week to tremendous accolades. It’s ironic, since critics weren’t nearly as kind when Don Coscarelli’s surrealist nightmare premiered on March 28th, 1979 (almost exactly 37 years ago). Trevor Johnston of Time …

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