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New Titles From Arrow Video For February 2022

Check out the February 2022 releases from Arrow Video! From the press release: The February 2022 lineup leads with the ARROW release of David Buchanan’s surrealist mayhem feature, Laguna Ave., and and The Sleeper Must Awaken: Making Dune, a feature-length documentary exploring the making of David Lynch’s film. Both films …

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Interview With Hannah Fierman, Director Of ‘Events Surrounding A Peeping Tom’

Recently news dropped that Hannah Fierman, star of V/H/S, Siren, and The Unwanted, will be directing a feature called Events Surrounding A Peeping Tom. We sat down recently for an interview and discussed the film, her fondness for horror, and Legend of Zelda fan films, among other things! PopHorror: Like …

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‘The Elephant Man’ (1980): David Lynch’s Masterpiece Turns 40

The misunderstood monster is a theme storytellers have been fascinated with for generations. From Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, these stories have often brought to light mankind’s tendency to quickly judge the unknown and have gifted us valuable lessons on perception versus reality. As …

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‘Stars and Strife’ Explores The REAL Nightmare… Our Current Political Firestorm – Movie Review

Lets face it, I watch horror films for lots of reasons, but the main one is to escape reality. Lately, the headlines in the news are often more terrifying than anything your average director can dream up – well – maybe except David Lynch… I don’t know what the hell …

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Musical Duo ‘A Place Both Wonderful And Strange’ Brooklyn Halloween Show Details

A Place Both Wonderful & Strange

A Place Both Wonderful And Strange is the musical performance art coupling of Russ Marshalek and Laura Hajek. People call them “occult electronic” or “doom gaze.” This dynamic duo creates dark, moody, Lynch-inflected, experimental electronic music. This is the dark future. Speaking of the dark future, the group has a …

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PopHorror’s Horror Anime Reviews: AniMay Week 1 – Higurashi/When They Cry

When They Cry

There are very few horror movies that affect me like the ones that come out of Japan. Steeped in the myths and folklore of the region and dripping with a pantheon of fears I don’t understand but feel with every inch of my skin, Japanese horror movies like Takashi Miike’s …

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Nostalgia Icon Christy Carlson Romano Interview At Wizard World

Being a ’90s kid, I could be more ecstatic to get to interview someone whom I feel I grew up with. Check out my interview with the one and only Christy Carlson Romano! PopHorror: Hi, Christy! How are you today? Christy Carlson Romano: Hey! Good… how are you? PopHorror: Good! …

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Inside the Bizarre Mind of Director Jonathan Patrick Hughes

I’ve been good friend with filmmaker Jonathan Patrick Hughes for the past couple years now and he always impresses me with is passion. He’s always determined to write and make his film and doesn’t let anyone stop him. He loves Holiday horror films just like me and has a quite …

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Interview With Bianca Allaine, Co-writer/Producer/Star Of ‘Zombinatrix’!

Recently, I had the pleasure of connecting with Bianca Allaine through social media, and I can honestly say that, in addition to being a beautiful and talented actress, producer and writer, she is also a total sweetheart who is quick to offer encouragement to those in need and offer thanks …

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An Interview with ‘Mainline’ Director, Eric Kleifield


Whenever someone can deliver a well-made horror story in 12 minutes or less, I’m always impressed. It takes a lot of talent and creativity to do, and that’s something that director Eric Kleifeld surely has an abundance of! We had the opportunity to talk with him about his career, his inspiration …

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