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Premiering At Dances With Films Festival: ‘THE ACTIVATED MAN’

The Activated Man

Premiering soon at Dances With Films Festival is director Nicholas Gyeney’s (Beta Test) new thriller: The Activated Man. The film stars Kane Hodder (Hatchet), Tony Todd (Candyman), and Sean Young (Blade Runner). Synopsis After Ors Gabriel loses his beloved dog to cancer, the shock from the trauma produces strange vision …

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Coming Soon to Dances With Films Festival: ‘SCREAM THERAPY’

Making its world premiere soon at the Dances With Films Festival is Cassie Keet’s new horror film: Scream Therapy. The film stars Geri Courtney-Austein (Better Call Saul – TV Series), Mandie Cheung (Bitches by the Sea), and Claire Dellamar (Mayhem). Scream Therapy Synopsis After AVERY (Harley Bronwyn) breaks up with …

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Dave Reda Discusses ‘As Good As Dead,’ A Short Horror Film Made For Fans – Interview

It’s safe to assume that the last year or so has been a nightmare for countless individuals across the globe. For me, movies have always provided a welcomed escape to seal with things like this. Filmmaker Dave Reda agrees, and with his latest, As Good As Dead (2021), he and …

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