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Fantasia International Film Fest 2019: Critters Attack! (2019) Movie Review

Critters Attack! answers the old question of, “What is a good horror movie to start my kids on?” and that’s not a bad thing… After the polarizing mixed reviews of the recent Critters series brought to us by Shudder, Critters Attack! is sure to follow suit. It’s almost impossible to …

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Interview: Jocelyn Panton Of AMC’s ‘Critters: A New Binge’

Jocelyn Panton

I’m a huge fan of the Critters series. It’s probably second favorite horror franchise with A Nightmare on Elm Street coming in first. It’s fun, cheesy, and full of horrific mayhem that never grows old. So when I got the opportunity to interview actress Jocelyn Panton from Critters: A New Binge, …

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