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Horror Short Review ‘Machine Gun Baby’ (2018) – You’ll Shoot Their Eyes Out, Kid!

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is ultra-sensitive and squeamish — including many horror fans! For those who occasionally wish to kick it old school and see an unapologetically sleazy (and just plain weird) horror flick, Machine Gun Baby may be just what the abortion doctor ordered!

That’s right: A major theme of Machine Gun Baby is about a semi-aborted fetus coming back for revenge. Directed by Rickey Bird, Jr. (Naked Zombie Girl 2014) and birthed by Hectic Films, this is a movie that has about a 1,000 WTFs a minute. Considering its length of only about 30 minute, that’s still something like 30,000 WTFs! So, is the movie any good? As it so often happens, that depends on how one defines “good.”

Personally, I would say there’s talent involved here, as the movie made me laugh a number of times. That doesn’t always happen, even during movies that are considered “hilarious” by mainstream standards. In other words, sometimes it takes a primitive production like Machine Gun Baby to make a jaded horror fan smile again. So, was it scary? At no point was I actually scared, but it’s not exactly that sort of movie. It’s not even the goriest movie. However, it makes up for all that by being weird, and delivering a number of laughs and full-blown guffaws!

The Stars/Characters

The film stars Scream Queen Brinke Stevens, DT Carney, Jared Rice, Russel McGaffin, and Lionel Washington. The aforementioned Rickey Bird, Jr. also does Baby’s voice, in case you were wondering. Rickey Bird, Jr. and Andrea Hitt are credited as the writers. Meanwhile, the drunken, thieving and perverted Doctor Spurlock is played by DT Carney. Heather, the mother of the aborted vengeance-seeker, is played by Jin N Tonic. There’s also Nick, who I guess would be an abortion technician, who’s played by Ernesto Gomez. Finally, I’ll mention Dr. Colossus, played by George “The Giant” McArthur.

The Humor

I don’t wish to give away all the jokes, but there’s one abortion clinic picket sign that reads, “Anal Saves Angels.” That by itself gives you an idea of where this movie goes! At one point, Nick says of a “20 pounder” that “he was a fighter.” It’s also true that Dr. Colossus has an unhealthy appetite for something he arguably shouldn’t be eating. Still, I don’t want to get too much into details here. You’ll just have to decide for yourself whether this is suitable for you. Ask your doctor!

Basically, Machine Gun Baby is great for fans of Lloyd Kaufman-esque fare, and bad news for anyone who wants to keep things safe. It’s a murky movie, reminiscent of old school, non-watered down John Waters films. Long story short: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, he’ll gat and you’ll die!

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