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Cinepocalypse 2019 Review: Hulu’s Into The Dark: ‘Culture Shock’

Culture Shock

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Hulu’s Into the Dark: Culture Shock ever since I interviewed Gigi Saul Guerrero for Women in Horror Month back in March and found out that she would be directing that episode. She’s a jack of all trades and a powerhouse director. Seriously, there’s nothing …

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Interview with Cecil Gentry: Production Designer for Hulu’s ‘Into the Dark’

Hulu's Pooka

Like most other horror fans, I’m a huge fan of Hulu’s Into the Dark. This amazing series tells a new holiday horror tale every single month and the magic is continuing tomorrow with the Christmas-themed horror story, “Pooka.” I had the opportunity to talk with Cecil Gentry, the production designer …

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