‘Twilight of Dreams’ Episode “Zombie Jesus Vampire Hunter”

There have been some pretty crazy crossover characters in horror movies over the years. We’ve had Hansel and Gretal fighting witches, Abraham Lincoln slaughtering vampires and even Scooby Doo teaming up with the Winchesters from Supernatural. But now I can officially say that I have seen everything. Let me present to you: “Zombie Jesus Vampire Hunter.”

“Zombie Jesus Vampire Hunter” is the pilot episode of Twilight of Dreams, a new web series by Allon Media, in association with Green Valley Studios and Flash/Bang Productions. The episode was produced, directed and written by Gustavo Aviles (Frozen 2005). The nine minute ep stars Heri Quiles as Zombie Jesus Vampire Hunter, Joel Rod (Clowns of America 2014) as John the Baptist, Jordan Lopez as the Prince, Robert J. Escandon (The Empty 2014) as the Hunter, Daniel Mart (The Visitor 2017) as Vampire Cerberus Erucius, Faris Cowart, Jr. (Leonard 2007) as Vampire Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caeser and Erik Mederos (UFO 2014) as the Giant. The special effects and makeup were created by Antonio Alonso (Cockfight 2013), Emilio Remior (Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre 2014), Lester Perez (Leonard 2007) and Nelson Rodriguez.

The official synopsis:

A boy prince unearths a glorious king!

The short begins with a Tales from the Crypt air, the puppet used to introduce the film very Cryptkeeper-esque. He exposits that what we’re about to see is someone’s dream. A young, crowned boy frees a giant, and is then running through a forest where he comes upon the grave of John the Baptist. This eventually leads to Jesus being resurrected as a zombie and inclined to use the spikes that once nailed his hands to the cross as stakes to kill off Roman vampires. Because in dreams, this is natural progression.

While I realize that dreams are not meant to make sense, “Zombie Jesus Vampire Hunter” was very surreal, all over the place and hard to follow. I’m sure that was intentional but it made for a very confusing story. I like the idea of watching dreams and I think this could be a pretty cool concept once explored. Of course, what horror fan isn’t going to go nuts over the idea of the Son of God running around staking vamps? I’d really like to see where the other episodes go in Twilight of Dreams. “Zombie Jesus Vampire Hunter” just whetted my appetite.  




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