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‘Poltergeist III’ (1988): 30 Years of Creating Fears of Mirrors

Ever have a fear of something? Where did this fear develop? Many of mine actually came from my fanatic love of horror movies as a child, especially the three Poltergeist movies. This June 10th marks the 30th anniversary of the third movie in the series, Poltergeist III, which released in …

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Scary Awesome Bath Bombs From Sweet Shop of Horrors!

Here at PopHorror, we love unique, horror-inspired products. We found a new shop to satisfy our need for both horror and bath bombs called Sweet Shop of Horrors. The shop not only offers unique goth products, but also delicious smells and are handmade to order. We absolutely adore the devilish …

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Poltergeist Turns 35! “They’re He-ere…”

When you imagine a haunted house, what’s the first things that come to mind? You probably think of creaky doors, broken windows and sagging porches, but in Tobe Hooper’s Poltergeist, the house the Freeling family move into is brand new. It looks like all of the houses next to it, just …

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