BUFF 2019: ‘I Owe You One Banana And Two Black Eyes’ Short Review

Is is the year 2021, 3 days since the beginning of the mysterious animal apocalypse. The last human has just died… The animals are running shit now.

So begins Filmmaker Jim McDonough’s I Owe You One Banana And Two Black Eyes, a four minute music video from Futuristic Wrist Watch that’s playing at this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival. This stop action music video follows Rabbit, who realizes he’s not safe from the other predators of the wild now that the humans are gone. He grabs his baby, and they jump in a red convertible to try and escape the mayhem. They’re being followed by a Bengal Tiger and a Great White Shark, both of whom have found their own cars to give chase. Rabbit’s baby throws on a pair of sunglasses and starts rapping (yes, you read that right) about their troubles. Unfortunately for them, the predators are relatively intelligent, and they pull a Wile E. Coyote prank that gets Rabbit’s rapping baby eaten. Rabbit, however, is having none of that.

Jim McDonough played many parts in the creation of this video, having directed, edited, created the special FX, handles the puppetry and wrote the story of Rabbit and his buddy. He was helped out by Ben and Luke McDonough, JP Sapienza and Tony Vecchi, who narrates the beginning of the video. The group Futuristic Wrist Watch includes members GarlicBeard/Robot Arms, Joey Kickstand, Jiberish/JB, Sondhi, Old Lady Spicy, MellMurk and Tony Bear.

I had no idea what I was walking into when I chose to review I Owe You One Banana And Two Black Eyes. I just really liked the title. First off, let me just say that the song is catchy as hell. I’m not one to listen to rap, but I’m still singing it, and it’s been an hour since I watched it. The video itself is colorful and flashy. The black buildings and city streets inlaid with neon yellow, brick red and deep blue is striking and intense. The puppetry was simple and amateurish but in a good way. McDonough was able to show tons of personality through very small adjustments and FX. The story is fun, action packed and bloody, which was very much appreciated by this reviewer. Although, I’m not sure why this was listed under comedy and not music videos. Mysteries that are far above me, I suppose.

If you get the chance to watch I Owe You One Banana And Two Black Eyes music video, be sure to take it.


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