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PopHorror’s Top 25 Favorite Horror Movies of 2018

Top 25 Favorite horror films

When I hear people say, “Man, barely any horror movies came out this year,” I just roll my eyes and laugh. Although there weren’t a lot of mainstream horror films to come out in 2018, there were a notable amount of indie horrors that are must-see masterpieces. Never limit your …

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Movie Review: ‘Boarding School’ (2018)

Boarding School

Most horror movies have a set theme: supernatural, psychological, slasher, thriller, creature feature… Normally, those themes and/or genres are pretty easy to spot from the very beginning of the film. Movies like those have a very distinct formula, and it’s rare that they stray from that. But sometimes, there are …

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New Horror Movies for August 2018

Check out all of the new horror movies coming out in August! August 3rd Blood Clots (VOD) It was difficult to find much information on this 112-minute horror anthology, but it is currently available on Amazon. Because I have a short attention span and enjoy low budget, cannibal, zombie, monster flicks… …

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