New Trailer Released for Derek Presley’s Thriller, ‘Whitetail’

Coming soon to select theaters is a new thriller directed by Derek Presley (Ouija 3: The Charlie Charlie Challenge) called Whitetail. The film stars Jason Douglas (Preacher TV series), Hellraiser: Judgement’s Paul T. Taylor (read our interview with him here), Billy Blair (3 from Hell 2019 – read our review here), Tom Zembrod (Knucklebones 2016 – read our review here), and Ted Ferguson (Logan). The film will be released this July!


Whitetail follows the broken family of Donnie Mann, his father and uncle as they embark on a weekend hunting trip. Donnie’s mother has recently died of an overdose and the trio hope to get away to spend some time in nature and clear their heads. Instead, they find a mysterious man shot in the stomach and clutching onto a backpack full of money. A southern gothic thriller with flaring tempers and warped relationships, the story takes place over one day and one night in the brushland of West Texas.

Check out the trailer below:

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