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Interview With Peter Malone Elliott And Alexander Sharp, The Brains Behind New Home Invasion Thriller ‘Wired Shut’

Slashers like Michael Myers in Halloween and demonic entities found in films like The Conjuring certainly instill fear in audiences. But there’s something about the horror subgenre of home invasion—the idea of a dangerous intruder entering what’s supposed to be our safe space—that can truly be bone-chilling. Inspired by classics of …

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Official Trailer and Poster for Alexander Sharp’s Horror Thriller “Wired Shut’

Wired Shut

Check out the official trailer and poster for the new horror thriller, Wired Shut. The film was directed by Alexander Sharp as well as written by him and Peter Malone Elliott. It stars Blake Stadel, Natalie Sharp, and Behtash Fazlali. Synopsis for Wired Shut A disillusioned famous novelist, unable to talk …

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