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Filmmaker P.J. Starks Talks New Christmas Horror Anthology ’13 Slays Till X-Mas’

13 slays till xmas

We’re super stoked to announce a new Christmas horror anthology from Blood Moon Pictures, 13 Slays Till X-Mas. Learn all about this exciting anthology (with an insanely talented cast and crew!!!) down below including an exclusive interview with filmmaker P.J. Starks who goes into great detail about the project! Synopsis for …

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The Man Behind Indie Horror Magic: Interview With Director Blair Hoyle

Blair Hoyle

Over the last year, I’ve gotten even more involved in the indie horror community and have met a lot of amazing people. One I’m delighted to know is Blair Hoyle. Blair is a brilliant director and writer and each film of his stands out from the one before. You can …

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‘Happy Endings Are A Rarity’: A Prison of the Mind – Movie Review

Stemming from trauma and multiple fears of the outside world, agoraphobia is arguably the most severe irrational fear, causing such debilitating affliction that one cannot leave their own home. This phobia has been used as a focal point in many films and series, including Citadel (2012), The Last Days (2013) …

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