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‘Dario Argento Panico’ Delivers Unique Perspectives On The Italian Maestro – Review

“I make cinema because I want to be loved.” A profound statement from one of the most revered filmmakers in history and the enigmatic subject of director Simone Scafidi’s latest endeavor, Dario Argento Panico. For those that may be new to discovering who Argento is, he is responsible for some …

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Shudder and IFC Midnight Announce Theatrical Run of Dario Argento’s ‘Dark Glasses’

Shudder and IFC Midnight have announced the U.S. Theatrical run of director Dario Argento’s (Suspiria) Italian thriller, Dark Glasses. The film stars Ilenia Pastorelli (On Our Watch), Asia Argento (xXx), and Andrea Zhang. It will open in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles October 7, 2022. Synopsis: In Dark …

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‘TWO EVIL EYES’ (1990) 4K UHD Restoration Coming From Blue Underground

Two Evil Eyes

Blue Underground presents: a double dose of terror from the directors of (the original) Dawn of the Dead and Suspiria. Yes, I’m talking about Two Evil Eyes! The star studded horror anthology is coming soon in glorious, 4K UHD, and it is loaded with special features. You’re definitely going to want …

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