Honor Student (2015) Not Your Average Horror Short Review

The titles of movies to me are always so intriguing. I’m always wondering in what way do they have to do with the movie itself. Some titles are very self-explanatory, others you have to dive in a little deeper to try to figure it out. This was certainly the case for me when it came to watching the 2015 horror short Honor Student. So what is this movie actually about? Let’s Discuss!

Directed by Aaron B. Koontz who also happened to co-write it with Cassandra Hierholzer comes Honor Student, an almost ten-minute silent film that captures your attention from the opening scene until the very end. The film stars Peggy Schott and Elise Gardner.

Official Synopsis:

A middle aged woman (Schott) with nothing left to give meanders through a day just like any other, or so she thought.

honor student

What I enjoyed most about Honor Student is that some movies with strong messages seem to fall on deaf ears, but this one certainly doesn’t. Koontz and Hierholzer hold our attention and force you to engage in their heart-wrenching story.

Whenever Peggy Schott is on the screen she is completely captivating, it’s like you can almost feel the pain and misery she is going through. The raw and gritty tone of the film is why Honor Student is so clever. We don’t often stop and think about the everyday real life horror stories people go through.

When I first watched the ending of the film I was kind of just like, “What the fuck, that’s it?” However, the more and more I thought about it… the meaning of the story slowly crept up under my skin with an unshakable image of that final scene. I started to play out possible scenarios in my head to how that ending came about and I want to know more! Stories like this are what make superb directors and writers stand out because they leave the audience with nothing but shock and wonder.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend you check out the movie by watching it on Vimeo and when you do let us know if you think Honor Student deserves a good grade! Our score? A+

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