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9 Reasons Why You Should Watch Adrian Corona’s ‘DIS’ (2018) Starring Bill Oberst, Jr.

After reading two PopHorror writer reviews of Adrian Corona’s film, DIS (2018 – read those reviews here and here) starring Bill Oberst, Jr., I decided I had to see it for myself. Described as a “a soul draining, mind numbing yet beautiful experience,” “an artistic beast of a film,” and …

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Movie Review Of Adrian Corona’s ‘Dis’ From Unearthed Films

As a fan of extreme horror, I am always chomping at the bit for the next release from Unearthed Films. The announcement of their acquirement of Adrian Corona’s 2017 film, Dis, was no different, leaving me counting the days until it would be available for its 2019 release date. So imagine …

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DIS Mandragora (2017) Film Review

An exploration into the dark depths of nature both horticulturally, socially and spiritually, DIS is a high art journey of torture, restitution for sins past and a garden which feeds off the literal bodily fluids or seed of human sinners. Director Adrian Corona is digging deep into the spiritual abyss here …

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