Simple Creature (2017) An Emotionally Raw Film

One question that seems to repeat itself with mankind is…how far would we go for someone we love? If they were to pass away, at what lengths would we go to get them back? If they were sick, what would we do to try to save them? What if we thought they were gone forever, only to have them turn up again out of nowhere – how would we react? These are all questions that were answered in a very heartfelt movie that I recently watched, Andrew Finnigan’s Simple Creature.

Official synopsis of Simple Creature:

An obliviously modern college student gets into a near-fatal bus accident, but is reborn through hybrid technology by her biotech father and his advanced lab.

What Works

Written and directed by Andrew Finnigan, Simple Creature is an emotionally charged film. Finnigan is able to take us effortlessly through this character-driven story with his script and direction. I think what I enjoyed the most about this film was the love story that evolved between Em (Carollani Sandberg: All Things Hidden) and Seth (D’Angelo Midili: The Invoking). From the moment they met up until the very last frame, I was convinced by their electric performances that they truly belonged together. Sandberg is precise and bold in her performance and helms the lead with certainty. Midili is eye candy but also so much more. He fires on all cylinders, proving what a silent, powerhouse performance can perform. You don’t have to be loud or abrasive to capture raw, real emotions, and he does it without question.

Without the supporting cast as well as the fabulous leads, the film obviously wouldn’t have work. I must give much praise to Amy Thone as Seth’s mother. She exemplifies true acting ability without even having to a say a word. The vet on set, Russell Hodgkinson (Z Nation) as Phillip the skeptic of modern technology, is fascinating to watch on screen. Alycia Delmore, Hans Altwies, Rich Morris, Tony Doupe, Jason Adkins, Wally Dalton, and Gregory Marks all round out the rest of  Simple Creature‘s stellar cast. This film is more then just becoming a hybrid. It has multi-layers to each character’s story. This is a film about heart, in my opinion, and that’s what made it truly enjoyable for me.

What Doesn’t Work:

I know I just got done praising the film, but what movie doesn’t have a flaw? There is not much to complain or gripe about with Simple Creature. There is little actual sci-fi action going on. However, I enjoyed the subtlety of not having in-your-face SPFX. This story didn’t need them. I can see how some fans of the genre could be turned off by not having them, though. The one storyline that I wish had more to it would have been Phillip’s group. I saw it going in another direction, only to have it just fizzle out. The horror/sci-fi fan in me needed more. Other then that, I have no complaints.

Final Verdict:

If you enjoy watching a film with great performances with character driven story lines, Simple Creature is a movie for you. It’s heartfelt and soul crushing, all at the same time. I believe that’s what was intended with this film. The title does the film justice. Simple Creature is simplistic and beautiful, and the film proves that you don’t need a lot to showcase an amazing script.


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