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Ever since Sony announced their PlayStation Classic, I have been wondering what games would be announced on this miniature version of the 1993 system. At this time, we know five of the twenty games: Tekken 3, Wild Arms, Final Fantasy VII, Ridge Racer 4, and Jumping Flash. As we wait to find out the other fifteen games, I asked some of my fellow writers of PopHorror what games they would like to see come to the PlayStation Classic.

Legend of Legaia

With the announcement of the PlayStation Classic, I was really excited for one of the titles already announced, Final Fantasy VII. But there are others I can only hope will be included on the list. In terms of Japanese RPGs, I hope to see Legend of Legaia included on the list one day. While everyone was playing Final Fantasy games, I was helping Vahn, Noa and Gala save the Genesis Tree from Prince Cort. With the standard JRPG turn based fighting system, this was one of my favorite games as a child.

Twisted Metal 2

I’d also love to see Tekken 2 (sexy dance fighting), Twisted Metal 2 (the best of the bunch, and when you had the cheat code for Minion, you were unstoppable), 2Xtreme (so extreme), Tomb Raider 2 (I never could officially beat it, so Lara and I have beef), Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Battle Arena Toshinden, Silent Hill and of course, Resident Evil. – D.D. Crowley


Back in the day – I’m not going to extrapolate on how long, but let’s just say it was a thinner, less grey me – my wife bought me the best present ever… it was a PlayStation 1 and with it came a 4 disk Metal Gear Solid game. Problem was, my beautiful wife did not realize that I needed a memory card to save the game data.

Metal Gear Solid

What transpired was an 18-hour non-stop playthrough, no sleep, no stopping, just solid snake all the way. Afterwards, I did crawl into a box and sleep for several hours. That memory of Metal Gear Solid has been stuck vividly into my mind since then. The adventure and story line that Hideo Kojima created was spectacular. With PlayStation releasing their Playstation Classic soon, I can’t but wonder if Metal Gear will be included.

Metal Gear a action-adventure stealth video game, created by Hideo Kojima and was developed and published by Konami. It released in 1987 for the MSX home computer architecture, so it’s been around a while. Obviously a bit dated now and won’t hold up to current gen-consoles by any means, but with the HDMI inclusion, at least it will be upscaled and honestly who cares, its bloody Metal GearRuben Shaw


When the PlayStation Classic was announced, I immediately started to brainstorm games that seemed plausible to come to the system and games that I just really want to see brought back. As a massive JRPG fan, games like Final Fantasy VIII, Legend of Dragoon and Suikoden II came to mind. I don’t see Final Fantasy VIII making the list, or any other Final Fantasy game for that matter. The series is already covered with Final Fantasy VII. Legend of Dragoon also doesn’t seem likely. Suikoden II could happen, as it’s a game not everyone has played, but is held up as a classic in the genre.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

With the massive success of Persona 5, I could see Sony bringing either the original Revelations: Persona or Persona 2: Innocent Sin to the console. A total pipe-dream of mine would be the original, self-titled Cowboy Bebop game. This has never been released outside of Japan, so it’s highly unlikely it comes to the PlayStation Classic, but a man can dream, right? Other likely candidates for the system are somewhat obvious ones. Mega Man Legends, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and the original Tomb Raider should all find their way to the system. I can’t wait to see what else Sony has in store! – Matt Stumpf


Personally, I hope they add the games that left the most impressions on people during the heyday of the Playstation One. Metal Gear Solid is the first game that came to mind. Crash Bandicoot, with its new Insane Trilogy being crazy popular, would be an easy choice. 

Parasite Eve

The one game I would be most surprised (and very excited for) would be Parasite Eve. This game, along with Final Fantasy VII, made Square a gaming company I have respected well into my adulthood. The last game I would really like to see but don’t see it happening is Resident Evil 2. With its rework in progress, it would be a great way to sell the new Playstation Classic. – RWSA


I’m thinking there should be a variety of game genres to truly represent the reason the PlayStation One was so popular. 

Chrono Cross

To start off my list, I would love to see Final Fantasy Tactics. This game was truly one of the greats on the PlayStation and deserves to have a spot on the PlayStation Classic. Car combat was a pretty popular genre back then, so I would want to see either Twisted Metal or Twisted Metal 2 on it as well. During this time, the side scrolling genre was almost dead, but you don’t think PlayStation without thinking about Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which flipped the genre on its head. Last but definitely not least is the JRPG genre, and there are many games that come to mind, but only one that has had a truly long lasting effect on me, and that is Chrono Cross. – Scott Crawford

So what do you think? Are there any games that we didn’t mention that you would like to see come to the PlayStation Classic? Let us know in the comments!

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