Review of Can Evrenol and Cem Ozuduru’s ‘Housewife’ (2018)

The creators of Baskin (2015) have done it again. Can Evrenol and Cem Ozuduru have created yet another unique dream state of gore with their sophomore film, Housewife (2017). Are you ready for another horrific journey from these masterminds?

Housewife starts by introducing the terrible trauma that the main character, Holly (Clementine PoidatzMarie Antoinette 2006), experienced as a child. It then fast forwards to present day where she is grown up and married. She still is affected by this experience from her childhood. An estranged friend introduces her to the group, Umbrella of Love and Mind, which leads to a dramatic turn of events.

Official Synopsis:

On a snowy eve, Little Holly’s sister and father are killed by her frantic mother. Years later, Holly is married, lonely, and her life is soon about to take a turn for the ultra weird, when she visits Umbrella of Love and Mind.

The opening scenes of Housewife are spectacular. It showcases the talent of the young actresses who bring Holly and her sister to life as they suffer through evil at the hand of their mother. The exceptional acting and visceral visual imagery bring the unspeakable horror that unfolded right into the viewer’s living room.

The film ends with wonderful performances from Clementine Poidatz and David Sakurai (Iron Fist 2017) who plays Bruce, the leader of Umbrella of Love and Mind. Both actors deliver stellar performances, and the cinematography puts the viewer in a dream-like state where they question the reality of the horrors that unfold.

There is definitely Lovecraftian influences in Housewife. Most of this kind of influence is at the end of the movie, but it is so worth the ride to get to it. “I a Cthulhu!”

Unfortunately, there are some flaws with the film. The middle of the movie feels as if it is lacking substance. While a glimpse of Holly’s present situation is provided, it wasn’t enough to make her a relatable character. More story and character development would have helped to provide a better understanding of her character.

The relationship with her estranged friend, Valery (Alicia Kapudag), lacked substance and development as well. There is only a short dialogue in regards to the connection between Holly and Valery. It is revealed they were good friends, but Valery had abruptly left without explanation in the past. There could have been more developed with this part in the story as well, maybe using flashbacks or the like.

In conclusion, Housewife delivers a horrifically beautiful film overall. It is a nice fusion of deeper themes mixed with blood-filled, terrorizing, dream-like states. The film leaves a desire of wanting more. If this sounds like you’re type of film, look no further than Housewife.

Available on VOD, Digital and DVD on October  2, 2018!

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