Panic Fest 2020: ‘See You On The Other Side’ – Short Film Review

See You On the Other Side is a film I had the opportunity to view for Panic Fest 2020. A blend of both sci-fi and thriller, this near 11 minute long short packs a lot in a short amount of time. Is it worth a watch? Read on to find out!


Through a series of dreams and visions, a woman begins to suspect mysterious forces have altered reality and she may be at the center of it.

See You On The Other Side was written and directed by the Summers Brothers, Robert and Russell (Couples Night 2017). The film stars Ryan Hamilton, Grace Marlow and Justin Wilhelm.

See You On The Other Side Poster

My Thoughts:

I enjoy a good sci-fi film. See You On the Other Side is a great example of what a good sci-fi film should be. What is amazing to me is that this entire story took place in just under 11 minutes, and it packed a punch of a full length film, maybe even more. There isn’t a lot of filler. It is non-stop action from the get-go.

The main character, Anna Morgan (Marlow), is a down on her luck graphic designer. Lacking jobs, the bills are piling up and she is definitely in a rut of the same stuff, different day. In a turn of events, Black Box from National Security comes to her residence to ask some questions. Unknown to them, Anna has been having visions and dreams regarding a time travel machine that she has invented in an alternate parallel world. She knows what she needs to do: find the time travel machine before Black Box finds it.

I really loved the fact that this film wasn’t confusing at all. Sometimes, I find that sci-fi can be a bit convoluted, especially when there are a lot of flashbacks, dreams and things that are not present in reality.  The time flew by with heart- thumping action scenes. I actually felt like I was right there with Anna. I honestly can’t think of anything I didn’t like about it. The cast, story, music, editing and cinematography was really perfect for this Panic Fest short film.

My Final Thought:

See You On the Other Side is a well-made, perfect blend of sci-fi and thriller with tons of action. Definitely go see it.

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