Overlook Film Festival 2023: ‘CLOCK’ is Fascinating and Traumatic

There’s an expectation most women find themselves faced with from their early 20s, on: “When are you going to have kids?” But as Ella (Dianna Agron – Shiva Baby) in Clock has discovered, her biological clock just hasn’t kicked in. As a woman who has never felt the urge to have children, I can relate. But in director Alexis Jacknow’s (The One Who Brung You) movie, Ella decides to do something about it.

CLOCK Synopsis

Clock is the story of a woman who enrolls in a clinical trial to try and fix her seemingly broken biological clock after friends, family, and society pressures her to have children.


Ella and her husband Aiden (Jay Patel – Carnival Row – TV Series) seem to have a perfect life – great careers, a beautiful house – but they are childless. After pressure from her father (the always fantastic Saul Rubinek!), and quite possibly the world’s rudest gynecologist, she decides to undergo an experimental treatment to kickstart her ‘broken biological clock.’ But there’s no treatment without some side effects…

This film was a part drama that devolves into sci-fi horror as Ella decides to undergo CBT, aversion therapy, mind-altering drugs, and even an implant. The combination will blur Ella’s world somewhere between reality and madness. There are some terrific visuals to be had in here, some downright gross, and others that are terrifying, like a tall, screaming black ghost.

The acting was superb. Along with Saul Rubinek, Dianna Agron fleshes out and gives a beating heart to Ella, even as she comes undone.  If there was one criticism I had of the film, it was that it lacked an ending that felt completely satisfying. This wasn’t enough to keep me from enjoying it. It’s absolutely one worth watching!


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