All New Teaser Trailer Drops for ‘Fighting The Sky’

It might just be me, but it seems as if alien movies are making a comeback. Over the past year, I’ve noticed a drop in zombie films and an increase in extraterrestrial horror. I this a fad or just wishful thinking? Who knows. In any event, look what I found… a brand new teaser trailer for Fighting the Sky, an upcoming sci-fi horror film from Honduran director Conrad Faraj (Little Thieves 2015). Here’s the initial trailer:

The official synopsis for Fighting the Sky:

“A group of young ufologists explore a series of apocalyptic sounds emerging from the sky. For years, all around the world, people have heard and recorded a thundering sound that emits from the sky without any origin or explanation. Even the scientists are stumped, folks, and the strange part is the media is ignoring it. Something is going on, and that something will be explored in Fighting The Sky.”

The script for the film was co-written by Faraj, David Matthew Cummings (Welcome Home 2009) and Roger Jones (Young Harvest 2013). As for the cast, here’s who we have so far: Angela Cole (The Black Room 2016), Roger Conners (Hellementary: An Education in Death 2009), Matthew Ward (Young Harvest 2013), The Wind is Watching’s (2014) Nicole Ann Hicks, Brianna Burke, Logan Roberts, and Bailey Weaver, Alison Headrick (Reaper 2015), Jinette and Judith Faraj (Little Thieves 2013), Ed Conrad (Colony 52 2017), Larry Cahill (You Will Go Darker 2016). The special effects makeup was created by Ron George (Rhyme Slaya 2016).

Without any further adieu, here’s the brand new teaser for the film.

Stay tune to PopHorror for more info on Fighting the Sky, including a release date and maybe even a review!

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