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Remembering Harry Houdini On The Anniversary Of His Death On Halloween 1926

Having a love of horror, I have always asked, “Could any of this ever be real?” Every so often, the worlds of fiction and nonfiction cross and make things blurry. Take, for instance, the esteemed Harry Houdini. October 31, 2021, marks 95 years since Houdini escaped from his physical form …

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New ‘Deathboard’ Trailer: Bring On The Summoning

In Horror Movie Land, Ouija boards and bad decisions go together like peanut butter and jelly. And while the new trailer for the upcoming Deathboard (2019) certainly delivers on the nostalgia, it’s also marked with the goofiness and charm we’ve come to expect from indie staple Fuzzy Monkey Films. I’ve …

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‘Ouija Seance: The Final Game’ Heading To DVD and VOD!

Ouija Seance - The Final Game

High Octane Pictures invites you to wake the dead this July with Ouija Seance : The Final Game! The terrifying new feature film from director Andrea Mugnaini is a chilling reminder that some doors should never ever be opened. The folks at High Octane were kind enough to send along …

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