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Movie Review: Louise Linton’s ‘ME YOU MADNESS’ (2021) Quirky, Over The Top, And Ridiculously Fun!

It will also be Available on Digital Download platforms in the UK and Ireland beginning April 19.I recently watched, STX’s comic thriller, ME YOU MADNESS, and it was quirky, over the top, and ridiculously fun. ME YOU MADNESS was directed and written by Louise Linton (Intruder) who also stars in this film alongside Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl).

STX’s comic thriller, ME YOU MADNESS.

Synopsis for ME YOU MADNESS

Catherine Black is a brilliant, ruthless business executive who runs a top hedge fund in L.A. She lives a wealthy but ice-cold life and is a self-declared murderous psychopath. Enter Tyler Jones, a handsome young petty-thief and con man, arriving at her Malibu estate seeking “a room for rent” while naively unaware that he might be her next meal. Despite being roofied and meeting Catherine’s model girlfriend Yu Yan, Tyler is quickly swept up in his new life and romance. After a night together, love is in the air; Tyler is blissfully unaware while Catherine partakes in casual murder and dismemberment after spin class. But sex and a stolen vintage Mustang complicate their mutual scheming, especially when there’s a corpse in the trunk.

This film was a blast. As I mentioned previously, ME YOU MADNESS was zany, extravagant, and highly entertaining, and I loved every minute of it. It’s such a unique storyline with horrid characters that you can’t help but love. It reminded me of something like Heather meets Flashdance meets American Psycho. The film has great lighting, cinematography, and tones that help create a chaotically colorful atmosphere. Plus, that soundtrack was fire!

Ed Westwick and Louise Linton in ME YOU MADNESS, Photo by Jessica Perez
Ed Westwick and Louise Linton in ME YOU MADNESS, Photo by Jessica Perez

Louise Linton’s performance is utterly brilliant. She plays a psychotic badass flawlessly. She reminds me of the female version of Patrick Bateman but dresses better and maybe has a “slightly” more valid reason to why she kills people. Ed Westwick’s delivers his performance with charisma and wit. He is dangerously perfect, so it is no wonder she fell for him. Louise and Ed’s chemistry is exceptional on screen and I can’t imagine a more perfect pairing.

This film has oodles of blood splatter, creative weapons, and mayhem. There’s even a deep freezer packed full of body parts, yet this is not even the best thing about the film. Despite the story and great performances, it’s the music that won me over. ME YOU MADNESS was driven by a high-energy ’80s soundtrack, and I was living for it. I don’t think I’ve danced that much to a film… ever.

Ed Westwick and Louise Linton in ME YOU MADNESS, Photo by Jessica Perez
Louise Linton and Ed Westwick in ME YOU MADNESS, Photo by Jessica Perez

Final Thoughts

If you love horror comedies/comic thrillers, over-the-top cheesy goodness, and a soundtrack that’s to die for, ME YOU MADNESS is your type of film. Don’t miss out on it when it drops On Demand everywhere in the USA beginning this coming Friday, February 15, 2021. It will also be available on Digital Download platforms in the UK and Ireland beginning April 19. Itunes –!

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