Mondo Shock (2017) Movie Review

Mondo Shock is the latest film from Dustin Ferguson, a throwback to the Mondo Films of the ’60s to ’80s, films that featured shocking footage that was said to be 100% real. So how much of Mondo Shock is actually real? Your guess is as good as mine. So what were my thoughts on Mondo Shock? Read on to find out.

100% REAL! 100% SHOCKING! You won’t believe your eyes as you witness shock after shock… see Supernatural Beings… hear Horrifying music from the underground… watch Witches perform a ritual! All this and more in Mondo Shock, the film too terrifying for theaters!

The opening to Mondo Shock sells itself as a documentary. For me, it really works better if I look at it as a collection of viral videos. There are some segments that didn’t do much for me; there were several shorts of people investigating something only to have the screen go black as they scream or get pulled off by something unseen. However, there were other segments I did like. Some of these include a monster in the woods (this segment actually made me jump), a creature being caught on film before hoping a fence, a dragon looking creature flying through the air, someone interviewing an alien, slenderman, and my personal favorit, a guy being beaten up and thrown across the room by a man with no reflection.

I’m unsure how much of this is actually “real.” Some of the segments are pretty obviously staged while others, I honestly don’t see how they could have been faked. For example: The alien and the creature in the woods. If they weren’t real, then they are damn fine special effects, better than I think Dustin Ferguson could have afforded on the budget he typically works on. There is also one segment of a man shooting himself in the head on live TV that I’m almost certain I’ve seen before. Part of the fun of viewing Mondo Shock is watching and trying to figure out what’s real and what’s not, and how they achieved the special effects that they pulled off wonderfully.

Mondo Shock is a fun and sometimes shocking little slice of mondo filmmaking that I recommend you give a watch. You can check out the film for free on YouTube or you can purchase a DVD copy here.

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