‘Mollywood’ (2019) A Horror Thriller Film Review

I didn’t know much about the Momentum Pictures film, Mollywood, when I was asked to review it. I tend lean towards short films to review. You could say that shorts are my specialty. But I figured that I should broaden my review horizons, as I do enjoy feature films as well.

I agreed to watch Mollywood based on the sweet film poster alone. I don’t judge a book by its cover, but I’ve got to say, I dig this poster. Also, the premise intrigued me. Who doesn’t enjoy a good, old fashioned psychological horror thriller? Is this film worth checking out? Read on to find out!

Mollywood Poster

Synopsis for Mollywood

A serial killer disguises himself as a drug dealer in order to “deliver” young people their worshiped drugs.

The film was directed by debut director Morocco Vaughn and written by Ken Hoyd (The Cultural Xchange TV series). The cast includes Vinicius Machado (True Detective TV series), Micah Fitzgerald (From Dusk Till Dawn TV series), Billy Dec (Entourage TV series), musician Waka Flocka Flame and Clash of the Vampires’ (2017) Arianna Lexus and Harold Dennis.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed Mollywood for the most part. The way this film is shot is visually stunning. It really pops out at you. I absolutely loved the premise of the film. The spin on having a serial killer pretend to be a reformed club kid is unique. The performances are solid as well. In particular, Micah Fitzgerald’s performance is definitely a stand out role that stole the show.


There were some moments of the film that were dragged out a bit and didn’t entirely make sense, which was distracting. The plot jumped around a bit, too. Maybe it was just me, but there were a few points in the film where I was like, “Huh?”

I believe that Mollywood is still worth a watch, though. It’s visually stunning with solid performances, making this totally unique premise totally worth seeing, plus Micah Fitzgerald is awesome. What confused me may not confuse you. I can’t wait to see what Morocco Vaughn does next as I think he has niche for this genre! Check it out and decide for yourself! It is available now on both digital and VOD.

Watch Mollywood right here!

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