Mimic 2: A Strange and Terrible Case of Roach Meets Girl

Critics all seem to hate Mimic 2. I seem to like it. It’s commonly said that everyone’s a critic, so what the hell does that make me?

Set in some downtrodden inner city high school, Mimic 2 is about a major roach problem — a man-sized, man-mimicking roach problem! At times, it seems like there isn’t enough bug spray in the world to take care of these monsters. Nevertheless, the main human protagonist of Mimic 2 — a cute lady named Remy (Alix Koromzay) — does a rather impressive job of keeping them at bay. It doesn’t hurt that she’s an entomologist (bug expert), and had previous experience dealing with these creatures (presumably from the first film).

Who you gonna’ call? Roach Busters!

And here’s where I must confess: I hadn’t seen the original Mimic in many years when I checked this one out. In fact, I barely remember anything about the first one. Is that why I liked it? Maybe not. It might be the fine little touches, like when a guy takes a slice of pizza to go by wrapping it in a napkin, then puts it in his pocket. Brilliant! Good form, sir! That sounds just like something I might do! Granted, I hope to not get my face ripped off by a goddamn cockroach after doing it (like that guy did), but it’s a believable slob move. It gives the film heart (even if it rips it out moments later).

Bitch, you’ve just been mimicked!

I also like the messed up premise of the movie: The men around Remy are dying because the lead cockroach, called “Darksuit” (Edward Albert) wants to mate with her. That might make her a lucky gal, but the other men in her proximity are merely competitors, so they get their faces ripped off accordingly. Watching this, I couldn’t help but think: Maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong! In any case, it’s tough competing with an angry, giant roach with a constant boner.

Man, what’s wrong with this dude?

Eventually, while trying to escape the creature, Remy gets stuck in a school building with 2 students, Nicky (Will Estes) and Sal (Gaven E. Lucas ), while the government and a Detective Klasky (Bruno Campos) try to rescue them. Fortunately, Remy knows her way around the school because she’s taught there. Still, there are definitely challenges for her and the people she is with, and a few close calls that even her knowledge couldn’t totally prevent.

Ultimately, it’s a battle of wits against instincts, and a tale for the ages no worse than Star Trek (or Star Search, or half the other crap people watch and like well enough). In fact, if Mimic 2’s roach would evolve just a bit more, I could imagine him reciting Shakespeare: “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your antennae!”

Final Thoughts:

So why do the critics put Mimic 2 down? I’m guessing they’re racist against giant roaches — just like the film’s so-called heroes, who wish only the worst for our roach buddy. I mean, it only gets 8% on Rotten Tomatoes?! Come on! To paraphrase Rick from Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Give a bug a break!

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