List: Top 5 Horror Characters In Pro-Wrestling

Pro-wrestling has always gone through hot and cold times. One could say the same thing about horror movies. Sometime, the genre has some of the most popular genre films at the box office; other times, the it feels as if it’s on its last breath.

Pro-wrestling falls into the same pattern. For the last number of years, there has been a void in the sport. Vince McMahon and the WWE have clearly not been giving fans what they really want, which is wrestling and not sports entertainment. There is a difference.

Fortunately, right now with All-Elite-Wrestling, the industry has changed for the better. AEW began two years ago by Tony Khan, the son of Jacksonville Jaguars owner, Shahid Khan. Thank God for him and AEW. They are giving wrestling fans what they have truly wanted for the last ten years.

With wrestling being on fire again and with us now in full Halloween mode, I thought it would be a great time to list my all-time favorite horror movie characters in pro-wrestling.

5. Brodie Lee

Before coming to AEW, Brodie Lee spent some time in WWE as Luke Harper. He was part of the Wyatt family, led by Bray Wyatt. Watching his talent in WWE, I always felt that he could be a real star if given the opportunity. He was basically one of Bray Wyatt’s stooges. Vince McMahon apparently didn’t see what we wrestling fans saw in Harper. When he went to AEW, we finally saw his star-power and knew he was one of the best wrestlers around. While I loved his work as Luke Harper, I felt he truly didn’t shine until he moved to AEW and became Brodie Lee.

The character of Brodie Lee was the cult leader of the Dark Order, a faction begun in AEW. He was big, tall, scary, and very intimidating as a horror character. Lee always reminded me of the legendary wrestler, Bruiser Brodie, from the 1980s.

Unfortunately, Brodie Lee wasn’t long for this world and on December 26, 2020, he passed away from a bad lung infection at the young age of 41. It was a sad day for AEW and the wrestling community. Brodie Lee will always be remembered for his short but legendary run in AEW as the TNT world champion.

4. Malakai Black

Malakai Black is another wrestler who came to AEW from WWE. Black has been a horror character from the very start. In WWE, he was known as Aleister Black. I liked Aleister Black as a character. He was a babyface, but had an edge to him. I always thought that his character would work better as a heel.

Black and Tony Khan thought the same thing. When Malakai Black debuted in AEW, he picked a fight with the biggest babyface in AEW, Cody Rhodes. It was clear from his creepy entrance and his dark attire that Malakai Black was going to be the new horror character for AEW.

Malakai Black relies on intimidation and mind games to best his opponents. It seems to be working well for him as he is undefeated so far. It will be interesting to see what he does in the future.

3. Undertaker

I can already feel all the diehard Undertaker fans complaining that he isn’t number one on my list. I’m just going to be completely honest… I’ve never been the biggest Undertaker fan. However, I can’t dispute his talent in the ring and his longevity as the Undertaker. Its pretty amazing how long he has been a horror-character in wrestling and is still popular today. The Undertaker has reinvented himself countless times. There aren’t too many wrestlers who have been able to play the same character as long as this one. He’s simply the one of the best.

2. Bray Wyatt/The Fiend

When I saw Bray Wyatt for the first time in WWE, I was not that impressed with him. He needed time to develop his character and get better at his craft in the ring. A couple of years later, I really started to notice how talented Bray Wyatt really is. I saw how dedicated he was to his character. I could truly tell that he cared about every aspect of who Bray Wyatt was as a horror character in wrestling.

While I loved his work as Bray Wyatt, when he evolved into The Fiend, he truly came into his own. There was no denying that Bray didn’t have the IT factor. In my opinion, Bray Wyatt cemented his legacy when he became The Fiend. I’m sure that this character will become one of the things Wyatt will be known for.

I also believe that The Fiend will be regarded as one of the creepiest horror-characters in wrestling history. Some horror fans might be interested to know that the mask he wears was made and designed by legendary horror artist, Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th).

1. Mankind/Mick Foley

In my opinion, there is no wrestler on this list that is as intelligent, talented, and is as crazy as Mick Foley. I can still remember watching some of those promos that Mankind would do in the boiler room. He would have that demented mask on while he’s petting a rat in his hand…

Sometimes, it can be hard to watch a wrestler do a promo when their acting chops aren’t up to snuff. Now, with Mankind… he was on a whole other level. When he spoke into the camera with that rat in his hand, he was so convincing. I believed everything he said. I was convinced that Mankind really was insane. That is a mark of a great wrestler… no matter what he says, you believe him.

That’s just one aspect of Mick Foley. You also have his in-ring ability. If you are a true wrestling fan, then you should know about the legendary bumps Mick  did in the ring when he was wrestling in WCW as Cactus Jack. It was normal for Foley to be body slammed on the outside of the ring onto a cement floor. He was also suplexed and pile-drived onto the floor as well.

In WWE, every wrestling fan can remember when The Undertaker threw Mankind off the top of the cage onto the cement floor with the only thing breaking his fall was a table. Why Mick put himself through so much pain and danger, one may never know. I believe he thought that the only way he would make his legacy a sure thing would be to take the craziest bumps, and that’s what he did. Because of that, he’s not only my favorite horror character, but is my all-time favorite wrestler.

I’m sure my list won’t satisfy every wrestling fan. If that’s the case, comment and tell me your top 5 favorite horror-characters in pro-wrestling. Now… go… and rest in peace.

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  1. Great article. Yep Mick was the best and I thought he was literally crazy. LOL Undertaker was one of my favorites.

  2. I feel like AEW is moving in the right direction with its talent. Hopefully, we will see more dark-themed characters in the future.