Larry Wade Carrell’s ‘Girl Next’ (2021) – Taking it to the Next Level Movie Review

As horror fans, we are always looking for not only classic horror but films that twist and turn your brain. A movie that has infinite re-watch value. A story that can unfold differently with each viewing. It has been quite a while since I screened something completely mind/genre-bending…that is until I got access to watch Girl Next. Director Larry Wade Carrell (Jacob, 2011, She Rises 2016) and co-writers Zeph Daniel (Screenplays Society 1989, Bride of the Re-Animator, 1990) and Michael Muscal (Visual Effects (Bride of Chucky,1998, Co-Producer Bride of the Re-Animator 1990) have really delivered something special with Girl Next. If their resumes don’t already sell you, let me tell you why you NEED to watch this movie!

Girl next

Official Synopsis for Girl Next

A young woman is abducted by a strange group of human traffickers who use drug and trauma based mind control to turn women into “Sofia” dolls. Trapped in a waking nightmare she fights for a way to escape, to avoid becoming Girl Next.

Girl Next

What Works

What I loved about Girl Nextis that you go into the film thinking it’s a straight-up capture/kidnap/girl has to escape kind of flick, yet it’s so much more. Don’t get me wrong that is exactly how the movie starts, however, what transpires may be the wildest ride I’ve seen in a film in years. First, let’s talk about cinematography for a moment. It’s incredible and sets the mood for the storm that is about to come. The lighting is beautiful. Just check out this picture below and see for yourself.

Girl Next

Now for the script, Daniel and Muscal really went balls to the wall and created something so unique and something so special. They literally created their own universe. The Quantum Theory has always been of interest to me and to see their Quantum Realm come across in live-action is CRAZY. Yes, you read that correctly: Girl Next is out of this world. Aside from that, there are so many surprises and one I can tell you, without spoilers, had me running to Google to look it up. Their story with Carrell’s direction had me hook line and sinker. 

Girl Next

Last but not least – let’s talk about the actors in Girl Next. Another smart move by Crazed House LTD (Carrell and Daniel’s new production company) was to get very talented actors but maybe ones that viewers might not just recognize off the bat. Marcus Jean Pirae as Heinrich is equally handsome as he is the creepy crazed-mad Scientist. Lacey Cofran as Lorain is spot on the nose casting for the atypical final girl but becomes so much more. This girl gets put through the freaking ringer in this film and she is sure to become a star. I also dig Larry Wade Carrell as the sheriff. I always like seeing where he is going to pop up in his films. The stand-out performance for me has to go to Paula Marcenaro Solinger as Misha. I doubt any other scene with any other actress replaces hers as most memorable for the year for me. You will just have to see it to believe it.

Girl Next

Final Thoughts

Girl Next is probably the most trippy film you’ll see all year. It has all the right scary components and then some. It hits you with the fear of being taken in a public surrounding, the feeling of being held captive, it has the fear of someone taking the gift given in your life “your mind” and that’s not me even talking about how dark and depraved this movie really gets. I mean, come on, it’s got a QUANTUM REALM. Here is a little bit of a spoiler: Crazed House is currently working on another film set in the Quantum Realm called The Quantum Devil. Which I am totally pumped for. If you like dark, wicked, twisted, bat shit crazy films be sure to check out Girl Next. Now available on VOD. 



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