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Larry Wade Carrell’s ‘Girl Next’ (2021) – Taking it to the Next Level Movie Review

As horror fans, we are always looking for not only classic horror but films that twist and turn your brain. A movie that has infinite re-watch value. A story that can unfold differently with each viewing. It has been quite a while since I screened something completely mind/genre-bending…that is until …

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Tenth Annual Knoxville Horror Film Fest to Hit East Tennessee

As the weather turns colder and chills fill the air, our favorite time of year quickly approaches as we descend into fall. In the spirit of the season, the city of Knoxville, TN will be hosting the tenth annual Knoxville Horror Film Fest with four days showcasing independent, classic and …

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Re-Animator Trilogy Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Announced!

Jeffrey Combs

If the Re-Animator Board Game news wasn’t cool enough, Umbrella Entertainment announced this week they’re bringing the Re-Animator Trilogy to Collector’s Edition Blu-ray! The set includes the original film, Bride of Re-Animator and, for the first time ever on Blu, Beyond Re-Animator. Herbert West would be proud. Read on for the …

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