Michole Briana White
Michole Briana White in Malignant

Interview with Actress Michole Briana White, Star of ‘Black Mafia Family’ and ‘Malignant’

I was lucky enough to chat with the phenomenal actress, Michole Briana White. She has a great career and it just keeps getting better. Recently, she can be seen as part of the four main leads ensemble on the highly anticipated Starz series, Black Mafia Family. She also recently starred in James Wan’s Malignant and has a reoccurring role in Amazon’s Goliath. Learn details about her career, her love for the horror genre, details about her character in Black Mafia Family, and much more!

Michole Briana White
Michole Briana White

PopHorror – Hi Michole, I’m a huge fan and it’s an honor to chat with you. How is 2021 treating you so far?

Michole Briana White – Amazing! I’ve worked more during a pandemic than my entire career.

PopHorror – That’s amazing. You’ve had an amazing career. Why did you originally want to become an actress?

Michole Briana White – I was always acting, just couldn’t put a label on it when I was younger. My mom put me in modeling school at 12. Then I saw a barbizon commercial and begged to go. They were just starting an acting class and I got in. My first acting teacher was Mr. Lush.

PopHorror – Has being an actor/or working in the filmmaking business in general changed from when you first began your career to now?

Michole Briana White – Oh yeah. It used to be much easier for no name actors to book TV. Now celebrities do TV all the time, so you practically need a name to do everything. They also make fewer offers, back in the day you didn’t need to be a big star to get a straight offer.

PopHorror – Oh yeah. That makes sense. What has been either the most favorite or most memorable role of your career thus far?

Michole Briana White – At the moment it’s Black Mafia Family and Malignant. While filming Malignant I got to do some really cool action scenes, which was super fun. BMF is one of the biggest roles of my career. They both are actually. They’re both changing the game for me.

PopHorror – So exciting! Speaking of which, you star in the new STARZ series, Black Mafia Family. In your own words, can you tell us what this series is about?

Michole Briana White – Two young boys growing up in an impoverished neighborhood desperately seeking ways to support their family and live their dreams while surrounded by limited opportunities. They break the mold and build an empire.

PopHorror – You play Lucille Flenory. Can you tell us a bit about our character?

Michole Briana White – Lucille is the spiritual matriarch, the anchor, and the quiet storm that leads from behind.

PopHorror – Could you relate to her at all?

Michole Briana White – Absolutely. Her love and need for her family to stay together is everything for her. I am very close to my family and feel the same. There is a deep connection that I have with her. It’s so familiar. She looks like my family and feels like my family. It’s like the stars aligned for us to come together. I think I was destined to play this role.

PopHorror – I love it. Was this a fun series to work on?

Michole Briana White – Absolutely! We are a beautiful family on set as well. The entire team of BMF is wonderful. It was a joy to see them every day.

PopHorror – This series represents black voices and black characters and black stories. Are you proud to be a part of this project?

Michole Briana White – YES, I am beyond proud. We are representing a real family and many others like this. It’s an authentic story. These boys come from a strong and loving family who did everything to protect them. But, you can only do so much with limited opportunities blaring outside your front door and a deep desire to live your dreams.

Michole Briana White in Malignant
Michole Briana White in Malignant

PopHorror – As you mentioned, you also star in James Wan’s new horror film, Malignant. This is pretty exciting because it’s Wan’s return to horror. How was it to work with Wan?

Michole Briana White – James Wan is amazing. He is very clear and specific with what he wants, yet he still leaves room for us to play. It was amazing to see the film and all the things that were really going on in his head. He’s so creative. He’s also very kind, quiet, and feels a little shy.

PopHorror – That’s so great to hear! Please tell us about your character?

Michole Briana White – I play a no-nonsense detective who wants to get to the bottom of things and keep my partner Kekoa in line.

PopHorror – I know you’ve done some other horror films in the past as well. Do you enjoy horror films and if so what’s your favorite horror film?

Michole Briana White – I do enjoy playing in them, most! Ha! And as of today Malignant is my fav! I read this script many times and it’s still a roller coaster ride! I was still trying to figure it out after watching it 4 times and I wasn’t bored at all! Now that’s a sign of a good movie.

PopHorror – I love it. We’re so happy and lucky to have you in the horror community! Who has been your favorite co-worker to work with thus far?

Michole Briana White – At the moment it’s Russell Hornsby. We did the original production of August Wilson’s Jitney Off Broadway and regionally. Coming together with our history for BMF was amazing. We have mutual respect and trust each other and it’s always super fun. It was like Young Blood and Rena grew up and had a family.

Michole Briana White
Michole Briana White

PopHorror – Any other upcoming projects you’d like to talk about?

Michole Briana White – I also have a recurring role on Dead to Me (Netflix) and Goliath (Amazon) and I did a wonderful guest star on Donald Glovers show “Atlanta” (FX). That was so much fun I couldn’t stand it! I am also co-creator of the sequel to the Gotham Award-winning series The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes with my creative partner Nancy Andrews. I can’t wait to put this out into the world. Thank you.

PopHorror – You’re incredible. Keep killing it in the industry and I look forward to all your new and upcoming projects!

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