Interview With Actress Alexandra Loreth Of ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ (2021)

I recently had the chance to sit and chat with Alexandra Loreth, who portrays Jane in the film The Yellow Wallpaper, which is one of my favorite films this year. Read my review here. Learn more about her beginnings in the film industry, her role in The Yellow Wallpaper, and much more!

Alexandra Loreth
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PopHorror: Thank you for taking the time to chat with me. Let’s start with this one: how did you get your start in filmmaking, and how long have you been in the industry?

Alexandra Loreth: I actually got my start through Kevin [Pontuti – read the PopHorror interview with him here]! When we met, he had just finished a script and wanted to do some proof of concept shoots which turned into different short films. This eventually led to us doing The Yellow Wallpaper together. It’s been about five years since we made our first short together; it’s been very collaborative ever since.

PopHorror: That is so interesting! Have you always wanted to be in the film industry? Did you have different jobs before this?

Alexandra Loreth: Getting involved in the industry kind of took me by surprise. It definitely was not something I ever foresaw for myself. Throughout the filming of all of our projects, I was working in different restaurants and bars. At one point, I was even working for a small local farm while Kevin and I were living in Wisconsin.

PopHorror: Had you read Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story, The Yellow Wallpaper, previous to making the film? If so, did you re-read it for the role?

Alexandra Loreth: Yes! I read it almost ten years ago in a college class, and the imagery had just stuck with me throughout all of those years. When we were thinking about possibly taking it on, I re-read the story and was surprised at how much I remembered in such detail. It was really a testament to how impactful the story was for me.

PopHorror: Can you tell us a little bit of how this role came about for you?

Alexandra Loreth: Well, I was actually the one who brought the idea to Kevin and our other film partner, Peter Galante! But it’s funny because in the beginning, I was definitely not imagining myself as Jane; it didn’t take that much convincing, though.

PopHorror: You bring your character to life so well. Can you go into how you prepared for this role?

Alexandra Loreth: Thank you so much! At the time that we filmed The Yellow Wallpaper, I had never had any kind of acting, coaching or lessons. I’m taking some classes now and learning so much. I wish I would have known back when I was filming. Since I was really involved in everything from the very earliest stages of pre-production, I think I just got very familiar with Jane, who she was, what she was going through, and what she needed. It felt very natural when the time came to shoot. Also, like most people, I’ve struggled with my mental health, and those experiences were definitely something I tapped into.

PopHorror: You definitely portrayed Jane well and I agree, most of us have struggled with mental health, and that is what makes Jane so relatable. Period pieces, I’m sure, are challenging. One of those challenges I imagine is staying in the period. What was the biggest challenge for you? 

Alexandra Loreth: The biggest challenge for me was the dialogue. It’s where I feel least confident in general, and then there was the added pressure with the period piece… in addition to working with other actors with different accents. Otherwise, I loved getting to wear the different costumes and see all of the hard work that went into our sets and props.

Alexandra Loreth
Image courtesy of IMDb

PopHorror: I can definitely understand the whole confidence dilemma. But, I believe you handled it well! Now I want to ask some for fun questions. First, what is your favorite film genre as a viewer?

Alexandra Loreth: I don’t know if I have a favorite! I definitely go through phases. I guess some of my favorite films fall into some category of thriller, but I also love documentaries and comedies. And, of course, horror!

PopHorror: That’s exactly how I am. I go through phases of all sorts of genres! What are some of your favorite horror films?

Alexandra Loreth: I like a pretty broad range of different types of horror. I love the Saw series, The Blair Witch Project, The Lighthouse, Nosferatu, Frankenweenie, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Jennifer’s Body, and You’re Next.

PopHorror: Those are some great choices! I also like a broad range of horror. What is your favorite film genre as an actor/creator?

Alexandra Loreth: Most of the films Kevin and I have made together are kind of psychological horror/thriller/art films, and I do really enjoy making those…but I’ve been begging Kevin to write me something modern! I just want to play a role where I can wear a pair of jeans!

PopHorror: (laughs) You definitely deserve a jean-wearing role after all these period pieces. You’ve earned it! What future projects are coming up or in the works?

Alexandra Loreth: Kevin and I have been talking about a script set in the Northwoods of Wisconsin or the Upper Peninsula. I grew up in Wisconsin, and I love that area, and it’s so beautiful, but there is something dark about it that I would love to explore.

PopHorror: That sounds like a great script. Fellow Midwesterner here. I’m from Illinois! The Midwest definitely needs more representation in horror. I hope to one day see that film! Thank you for taking the time to chat with me, and best wishes to you!


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