The Haunting Of Lady-Jane

Horror-On-Sea 2023 Film Festival – ‘The Haunting of the Lady-Jane’ (2022) – Movie Review

Continuing our coverage of the Horror-On-Sea 2023 Film Festival, we had the pleasure of checking out the atmospheric The Haunting of the Lady-Jane. It was one hell of a boat ride into the abyss.

Check out the trailer below, then read on for our review!

The Haunting of the Lady-Jane (2022) Synopsis

A reporter and her traveling partner book a ride on a barge descending down the chilling English canals, only to find themselves haunted by the water spirit known as the “RAN”.  Will they confront their demons and survive the ride, or are they doomed to become victims of their own dark dirty secrets. 

The Haunting of the Lady-Jane 2023 was written and directed by Kemal Yildirim (Shades of a Killer 2010, Rose 2012). It stars Natasha Linton (Death and the Widow 2019, The Homework’s Revenge: Esther in Wonderland 2021), Bryony Harvey (Retrieval 2020, The Stag 2021), and Sean Botha (Alfred the Doll 2019, The Chair to Everywhere 2019).

The film also stars Helene Udy (My Bloody Valentine 1981, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 1993), Tom Lee Rutter (Days of the Stranger 2019, Decline 2022), and Peter Mahoney (Powertool Cheerleaders vs the Boyband of the Screaming Dead 2022, Werewolf Cabal 2022). 

The Haunting Of Lady-Jane

This is a very intriguing and well-produced film. It takes a while to get going, but the payoff is ultimately worth the build-up. It felt a little long. To be honest, it could have been about fifteen minutes shorter. Still, it manages to keep you engaged and invested for the entire run time.

There’s really not much in the way of a story, but the acting is very good, especially from Sean Botha and Natasha Linton. They really bring the film to life and give their characters weight. The film also features uber-creepy performances from Tom Lee Rutter and Peter Mahoney. Their cameos, without a doubt, add to the chaos and campiness of the whole thing, solidifying the skin-fileting atmosphere.

The editing is excellent and the sound is great. The costumes and makeup are fitting and overall the cinematography is very well done. The pacing could use some tweaks (not to belabor the point). Regardless, the film is creepy, menacing, and unsettling, like a nightmare brought to life. 

In the end, The Haunting of the Lady-Jane is ghastly, eerie, and atmospheric. It’s dark, sinister, and disturbing, with one hell of an ending. If you like tales of frightful folklore and menacing myths, this one’s for you. Check it out if you get the chance; it’s grim, twisted, and one ghostly good time. 

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