A Walk Home Alone (2017) Horror Short: One, Two… He’s Coming For you!

I’ll admit that I’m a paranoid person. I’m not one to walk around at night by myself, and if I feel someone nearby, I’m going to either look for the nearest public place to hide out at or walk really fast to my car. I don’t trust anyone. But what if that fear was there for a reason? Check out my review for the 2017 horror short A Walk Home Alone.

Produced by WORKOBEY Films, A Walk Home Alone was directed and written by Andrew J.D. Robinson and stars Maura Stephens, Patrick Sutters, Jurgen Vollrath, and Jenn Nangle.

Official Synopsis:

Recent cases of missing women have something in common when walking home alone. Who will be next?

I find it amazing when a film that’s less than 7 minutes long can leave the viewer with an overwhelming sense of dread and hopelessness. From the very beginning of A Walk Home Alone, you know something bad is going to happen. The dread begins to set in and grows steadily throughout the story.

The misery of what is going on with the main character, played by Maura Stephens, is heartbreaking. Her partner has left her pregnant and alone. Meanwhile, girls are coming up missing. Can you imagine how awful that would be? Maura gives an exceptional performance, and her pain, fear, and sadness seeped through my TV screen in waves of earnest believability.

The ending is by far the best part. Just when Maura has a bit of hope to start over with her partner, fate would have it differently. The last moments of her life leave the viewer in distraught as she welcomes death into her home.

Final Thoughts:

A Walk Home Alone is an impressive horror short because, in a brief amount of time, it consumes the viewer with dread and horror. It’s simple yet effective and shows how to execute a horrifying story without fancy effects, a bloated budget, or long-run time. Check it out when you can!


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