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Fantaspoa 2019 Review: ‘True Fiction’ Is Wickedly Fun And Addicting!

I love reviewing films for festivals, because more often than not, I discover brilliant gems that I never would have found on my own. This year, 2019, is PopHorror’s first year covering anything for Fantaspoa, and I can already say that the festival definitely did not disappoint. I had the chance to check out True Fiction, which had its world premiere at the fest on Friday, May 24th.

True Fiction
Wicked poster art for True Fiction

This intense horror thriller was directed and written by Braden Croft (What Keeps You Alive 2018 – read our review here, Hemorrhage 2012). The cast includes Sara Garcia (Reign 2013, Stickman 2017), John Cassini (Get Carter 2000, Se7en 1995), and Julian Black Antelope (Hold the Dark 2018, Penny Dreadful TV series).

Synopsis for True Fiction

Avery Malone, a lonely wannabe writer, gets her big break when she’s hand-selected to assist her hero, reclusive author Caleb Conrad. Whisked away to Caleb’s remote estate, Avery is given her one and only task: participate in a psychological experiment in fear that will serve as the basis for Caleb’s writing. Her stay soon turns dark when she finds herself the subject of Caleb’s all-too-real horror novel.

I’m just going to go straight to the point and say it. I’m infatuated with this film – it is, hands down, one of the best films I’ve seen in 2019. I sincerely hope that True Fiction gets the recognition it deserves. I already want to watch it again.

Now that I got that out of my system, what did I love about it? For starters, the film delivers a clever and utterly horrifying tale that stole my attention from the get-go with strong performances that left me clueless and perplexed as to what was really going on. It’ll make your pulse race with a plethora of twists and turns that seem never ending and completely bonkers.

True Fiction
Nightmare fuel from True Fiction

The story was refreshing and unique. Who wouldn’t love to meet their favorite author and be the inspiration for their new book? It’s a dream come true, but this dream quickly turns into a nightmare, becoming far more than Avery bargained for. Even before all the crazy things go down, the fuel-injected experiments were enough to trigger an instant panic attack in me. I don’t care what I signed up for; that type of research would be hard pass for me. If I ever get to meet Stephen King or JK Rowling, I hope it’s a much more pleasant experience. No, I would not like to die in your next book.

Sara Garcia and John Cassini both gave equally riveting performances and brought the best and worse out of their characters. You never knew what to expect from them next. One minute you’re be rooting for one, and the next minute, you’re pushing for the other. I found myself cheering on Avery on more than once occasion, because she goes full badass and doesn’t hold back. It was like a game of cat and mouse, except you’re not really sure which one is which.

True Fiction
Sara Garcia and John Cassini in True Fiction

The story caught me by surprise right up until the very end. I love when a film can do that, and True Fiction doesn’t disappoint. The same can be said about the plentiful amount of bloodshed, gore, and cringeworthy moments that happens throughout the film. Nothing is over the top; the bloodiness serves its purpose in the most delightfully horrifying way. It’ll make you cringe and leave you wanting to take a hot shower to wash always all the ick.

Final Thoughts

Since True Fiction just had its world premiere at Fantaspoa 2019, it will most likely be awhile until an official release date is announced. Until then, I’d recommend trying to catch it during its festival run, as this is not one to miss out on. True Fiction is wickedly fun and addicting! A sadistic game for everyone, unless of course, you’re the one playing it…

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