Eric Roberts Joins the Cast of Characters in the Scary Small Town World of ‘Spookt’!

Small towns have a special place in the world of horror films. The traditions of bucolic living and the privacy that can span miles rather than just a piece of drywall that separates apartments, is perfect for evil to lay low for a couple of hundred years or so. Filmmaker Tony Reames drew inspiration from his own hometown in Western Pennsylvania, when He and Tory Haas conceived Spookt.

Legendary actor and Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts joined the cast of passionate actors that are bringing Spookt to life. Principal photography wrapped, but additional funding is needed for post production. Please check out their IndieGoGo page to contribute to this labor of love from the people behind Lethalogica, Playtime’s Over, and the lauded horror anthology, Dead by Midnight.

From the press release:

SpookT is the story of a small town with big secrets. When a young child goes missing in Greenville, two ghost hunters converge upon the haunted town to seek the truth – but is the truth something they really want to know?

Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) joins Christen Sharice (Respect, Law & Order), Haley Leary (The Walking Dead, Nashville), Erin Brown (Masters of Horror, Thrust!) and Keith Brooks (Tomorrow War, and Shaft) as they search for a missing girl in a town with an ancient curse. SpookT was conceived by filmmakers Torey Haas and Tony Reames, whose catalog of short films have traveled the globe, screening at prestigious film festivals that include the FrightFest, Nightmares and FilmQuest while also winning the coveted “Hubbie” award from Joe Bob Briggs. It was only natural for Reames to make the leap and direct his first feature length film. When asked what inspired the film, Reames went on to say,

“Growing up in Greenville, I always knew there was… SOMETHING about that town… and filming there and working with friends and family has been an absolute privilege.”

Principal photography has been completed and the film is in post production, however there are still opportunities for you to be involved! Help us bring this story to the big screen! Head over to IndieGoGo and back the campaign to snag yourself a selection of exclusive rewards including hand-numbered signed posters, limited edition Blu-rays and
more! Backers who pledge $25 or more will even get their name in the end credits of the movie and on IMDB.

To support the campaign and learn more, visit:
? SPOOKT on IndieGoGo:
? Instagram: @SpooktFilm
? Twitter: @SpooktFilm


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