Everyone’s Got Their Own Demons – ‘Devil’s Domain’ (2016) Movie Review

Bullying is something that most of us can relate to, though the reasons and severity vary from person to person. We all have our own ways of dealing with bullying, some of us resorting to self harm while others take it a step further and end their lives. In Devil’s Domain, the protagonist is bullied mercilessly, mostly for things out of her control, and inadvertently makes a deal with the devil to get revenge on her tormentors.

Devil’s Domain is the latest film from writer/director Jared Cohn (Little Dead Rotting Hood 2016). The film stars newcomer Madi Vodane, Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs 1992), and Linda Bella (Monsters In The Woods 2012).

Lisa Pomson, a troubled, social media-obsessed teen, clashes with her parents on just about everything. When Lisa is secretly filmed performing a sex act, cyber bullies release the video, and Lisa is viciously attacked online. Suicidal and on the brink of insanity, Lisa is approached by a beautiful, mysterious stranger who strikes up a relationship with her. As they grow closer, the stranger offers to help her out of her predicament in exchange for a favor.

What I Liked

I loved Madi Vodane as Lisa. Lisa is a character who is struggling with an eating disorder as well as the recent ending of the relationship with her best friend. She cuts to deal with her mental pain. I thought Vodane was very likable and believable in the role and I was able to feel her despair. I’ve been there. It was nice to see Michael Madsen play a normal, well meaning and supportive stepfather. The bullies were unlikable, as they should be, and I loved seeing them receive their punishment. I thought the devil looked cool and I loved that it was practical. The kills were bloody, nasty, and thankfully practical as well.

What I Didn’t Like

After the promising first half, I was disappointed to see the movie switch gears. It went from a story about a tormented young getting her revenge into a story about how much hell the devil could put Lisa through. Innocent people started getting killed needlessly, which didn’t seem to make sense with the plot of the movie. The devil’s characterization started out unique and devolved into what you would typically expect. The ending was clichéd and felt like something out of your typical devil movie, which really didn’t gel with the film at all.

Final Thoughts

Devil’s Domain starts out as a fresh and promising take on deals with the devil before turning into a formulaic mess in the last half. The parts don’t entirely mess to make a cohesive whole but it’s worth a one time watch.

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