Cinepocalypse 2019 Review: ‘Killer Of Killers’ AKA ‘Zig Zags: Killer Of Killers’ (2019)

For Cinepocalypse, I reviewed a short film called Killer Of Killers, directed by Don Swaynos (Beaver Trilogy Part IV 2015, Don’t Ever Change 2018 – read our review here). Most of the time, when you review a project for a film festival, all you have to go on is the film’s name and director. With a name like Killer Of Killers, I thought I was getting a slasher or a thriller, but that’s not what this short is about at all. So, what is it about, then? Keep reading and find out. Don’t worry… there are no spoilers!

Killer Of Killers is an interesting and fun short with a run time of around four minutes, coming in the form of a music video. This style gives it a home movie aesthetic, making the short feel almost personal in a way. It’s honestly hard to describe it. It’s a fast-paced film you have to see to experience fully. There’s a lot to take in in such a short amount of time. Usually, that annoys me, but with the style of Killer Of Killers, it works. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I think that there are a ton of music videos out there that don’t fully make sense to anyone but the artists. What I can say is that there is rocking music, a rambunctious child, an unstable person in a hockey mask running with a sledge hammer, and the Devil. Killer Of Killers stars newcomer Ben Anderson as The Metal Kid, Jennymarie Jemison (A Quite Girl’s Guide To Violence 2012) as Mom, Richard C. Jones (Here Boy 2015) as Dad, Shannon McCormick (Breaking Bad TV series) as Satan, and Maxim Pozderac (The Detective 2010) as The Killer.

My Final Thoughts 

All around, Killer Of Killers is a fun short and definitely worth a watch. It’s not your average type of film, for sure. At least, it is not the sort that I, personally, have seen before. However, I agree that this four minute music video is an all around good time. It would be a great film to watch with a group of friends, so you all can sit back and ask, “What the heck just happened?” It’s always nice to see original things in film, whether it be new through cinematography, sound design or script. I love seeing that, no matter how many shorts or films come out, there will always be something for someone. The Gingerdead Man-esque (2005) special affects were one of my favorite things from the film, mainly because Swaynos made them amazing and horribly cheesy… the kind you see and can’t help but laugh. 

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