BUFF 2018: Dogged (2017) – Short Film Review

How far would someone be willing to go to get what they wanted? It’s a question we ask ourselves from time to time, but we never assume anyone would take measures to the very extreme, no matter how badly they want it. As we continue our reviews for the Boston Underground Film Festival, I decided to watch a little film called Dogged. It was another one I chose based on its title. I had no clue what kind of film I was getting into, and needless to say, I was completely shocked! 

(Synopsis provided by IMDb.com):

A little girl takes arts and crafts to the next level to convince her parents to buy a puppy.

Dogged was directed by Nicole Steeves and Struan Sutherland. Nicole Steeves previously directed Head Space (2016) and He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (2011). Struan Sutherland previously directed The Hold Up (2014) and Chronicles Of A Shirtless Vampire (2011).

This 5 minute short starts out with the little girl (Charlie Boyle) playing with her puppy stuffed animal and imagining what having a real dog would be like. It was so cute and heartfelt, it made me wonder how it was all going to go downhill. When I finally realized where they were going with the story, it literally made me shout. Any horror short or feature film that shocks the hell out of me automatically gets my seal of approval!

Dogged is another short film that that has no dialogue, but it still tells the story beautifully and has no trouble telling us exactly what the little girl is thinking about. Charlie Boyle’s performance was fantastic, and the special effects were haunting! That ending is going to stay with me for a long time! 

Final Thoughts:

Dogged was such a well made film, and I have nothing but praise for it! More reviews for the Boston Underground Film Festival are on their way!

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