Powell Robinson And Patrick R. Young’s ‘Threshold’ (2020) Makes North American Debut At Salem Horror Fest

Threshold is an upcoming horror film directed by (Bastard’s (2015 – read our review here) Patrick R. Young and Powell Robinson. The film stars Joey Millin (Misdirection 2019) and Madison West (Jurassic Galaxy 2018). The film is making its North American debut on October 2, 2020 at the Salem Horror Fest.

Threshold was shot on just two iPhones over a 12-day road trip. The film follows a sister who claims to be cursed and persuades her brother to embark on a cross country trip to break the spell. However, he is convinced she is using drugs, but agrees to the trip anyway. If there is nothing at their final destination, she must go straight to rehab.

The trailer for the film comes in at 36 seconds. However, it is very effective at building the atmosphere of the movie. This is also both directors’ second feature film, their first being Bastard (2015 – read our review here). Bastard was a part of After Dark’s 8 Film to Die For 2015.

From the press release:

Early reviews of the film have called it “a cathartic brother and sister road trip movie” with a “genuinely bonkers” ending.

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