The Shed

Blu-Ray Review: ‘The Shed’ A Fun New Twist on Vampirism

I was lucky enough to watch The Shed a few months back and after giving it a second viewing, I like it even more now. It’s a fun film to sink your teeth into!

The Shed

This new film was directed and written by Frank Sabatella. The cast includes Jay Jay Warren, Cody Kostro, Sofia Happonen, Timothy Bottoms, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, and Frank Whaley.

Synopsis for The Shed

Stan and his best friend Dommer have put up with bullies their entire lives. All of that changes when Stan discovers he has a murderous vampire living in his shed. Seeing the bloodshed and destruction the monster is capable of, Stan knows he has to find a way to destroy it. But Dommer has a much more sinister plan in mind.

I love the mystery behind this film especially if you go into it blind without reading much about it or watching the trailers. A bloodthirsty vampire in a shed. It’s so random but worked well. You’re like what the fuck is in there? A vampire? How’d he become a vampire? Are there more? Can he be killed? So many questions wait to be answered.

Jay Jay Warren

This is a film that doesn’t have many redeeming characters. Most of them are assholes, so it’s easy to connect with Stan. Life has thrown him some pretty shitty curveballs, but he’s still standing tall (or trying to) and a relatively good guy. He has no one in this world except for his best friend Dommer, who is also a loner and a bit of an asshole. Life is pretty grim, but even when the chance to make things better for himself arrises, he still takes the higher road. Jay Jay Warren brings the character of Stan to life by delivering an emotionally powered performance from beginning to end. It’s powerful watching him learn to manage and deal with all his anger, sadness, fear, and regret. As mentioned before, Cody Kostro’s character brings a much needed comical relief and I can relate to his pain and need for revenge. I could feel his pain in his eyes and knew he was broken. Sofia Happonen turned out to be a little badass at the end as well, a nice surprise!

the shed

It wouldn’t be a proper vampire film if there wasn’t some blood and gore. The Shed serves up a hefty dose of blood splatter for all you horror hounds. This vampire doesn’t just like sucking your blood, he wants to see your ripped apart!

The Shed is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray from RLJE Films. Make sure to get your copy and let us know what you think!

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