Blood of the Mummy

‘Blood of the Mummy’ (2019) Movie Review: A Revenge As Old As Time

I haven’t had a chance to review much lately, as I’ve been pushing out as many Women in Horror interviews as I possibly can. However, I recently caught up with a few films, including one that is definitely different than the average horror film, called Blood of the Mummy. After my interview with Christine Parker, I couldn’t wait to check it out.

From Sick Chick Flicks comes a unique horror film from Director/Writer Christine Parker (400 Ways to Kill A Vampire 2013). The cast includes performances by Laura Bridges (Vaughan TV series), Lily Cabrera (Tell-Tale Heart: Sisters 2016), Justin Z. Cole (It’s Supernatural TV series), Albert Guzman (Banshee 2013), Tremayne Blair (Life Changes Everything: Discover Zac Ryan 2017) and Gill Hope Thornton and Terrance Watson in their debut roles.

Synopsis for Blood of the Mummy

An ancient past and a lost love are the least of Louise’s problems. If she can’t escape the Mummy’s curse, everyone around her will be torn apart.

Blood of the Mummy

As expected, this horror film was different than anything I’ve seen in the genre in a long time. It reminded of classic horror films from the past but with a modern age touch. I really loved the story, and how involved it was. We get to see the all the different stages and horrible things Louise (Laura Bridges) goes through, starting as a young child and then all the way into adulthood in a mental asylum. The transformation is pretty amazing, as we learn more about her story and why everything is happening.

Laura Bridges in Blood of the Mummy

Laura Bridges gives a beautiful and endearing performance. I just wanted to give her a hug throughout the film, as it seemed that everyone she encountered in life, no matter what age, treated her horribly and unfairly. She kept fighting, though, and I love how self aware she is, despite all the bizarre and horrible things that she’s endured.

I really loved the costume and set design. It’s not often you get to journey to ancient Egypt, and the team did a beautiful job at recreating this. The special effects were also delightfully bloody and gory. A few scenes even made me cringe with help of the crunchy side effects that came with the gore.

Blood of the Mummy

Final Thoughts

Blood of the Mummy will be premiering AT THE CARY on March 16th, and if you’re in the area, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s a taste of something different and fun, and I think everyone will enjoy it.

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