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‘Cult Of Chucky’ (2017) – Movie Review

Cult Of Chucky is here! I absolutely love the Child’s Play franchise. When I was growing up, Chucky was my biggest fear. My brother had a Seed of Chucky poster and I was scared to go near it. Eventually, I gathered the courage to watch Seed of Chucky. When the film ended, I asked myself what the hell I was so afraid of and became a huge fan of the franchise.

The course of the infamous doll’s story changed over time. The films went from horrifying, to somewhat funny, and back to creepy; but all of them have that good ol’ Chucky charm! Curse Of Chucky brought suspense back into the mix and successfully ushered Chucky into a new decade. When Cult Of Chucky was announced, with Alex Vincent, Fiona Dourif, and Jennifer Tilly returning, I was ecstatic! I waited very impatiently for its release. Was Cult Of Chucky worth the wait? 

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Chucky returns to terrorize his human victim, Nica (Fiona Dourif). Meanwhile, he has to face some old enemies, with the help of his former wife (Jennifer Tilly).


Curse Of Chucky was a fantastic film, but its multiple endings left me with many unanswered questions. I was hoping Don Mancini’s Cult Of Chucky would answer them. Not only did the new film answer my questions, it answered them in a way I honestly didn’t see coming. I thought their explanations were very clever!

I have no complaints about the acting. Everyone did a great job in their roles. Fiona Dourif killed it as Nica! I loved her character in Curse Of Chucky and I still love her in Cult Of Chucky! The kill scenes were a bit unoriginal, but still plenty bloody, so no complaints on my part.

One thing that disappointed me was my excitement about Tiffany and Andy’s return: they had much smaller roles in the film than I was hoping. The film also had a lot of unnecessary character development filler that did little to develop the actual characters.

Madeline’s story intrigued me. It’s very tragic and heartbreaking. I absolutely loved Elisabeth Rosen’s performance. She started out with a child-like innocence, and when I figured out her story, my heart dropped. I think it was a tragically beautiful side story. We also see a somewhat different side of Chucky. He’s almost sympathetic to Nica’s situation. I say almost because it ultimately didn’t change Chucky’s agenda.

When it comes to how the film ends, I can only hope that this won’t be the final chapter. SIDE NOTE: be sure to watch the after-credits scene; it is epic! Netflix cut the scene, so you may need to hunt it down elsewhere.

Final thoughts:

The Child’s Play franchise started in 1988, and I believe the series is still going strong, especially with its latest installment. Cult Of Chucky took a very unusual turn with its story. I believe it’s a big step forward for the franchise. I hope for more films in the future and I can’t wait to see where Don Mancini takes this new plotline!

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