Yxxan’s ‘Satanic Fortification Overbalance’ (2020) Album Review

Yxxan is a fairly new band, with Satanic Fortification Overbalance being their second demo. Their first demo, Inverterat Korstag, was released June 1, 2019. Not much is known about the band, besides the fact that it is Morbid Aggressor’s one-woman Swedish band.

Before I discuss Satanic Fortification Overbalance, I need to clarify the style of music that Yxxan plays. You could label her as a black metal band, although her style of playing would fit more precisely in the subgenre commonly called war metal. I have my own name for this mixture of different genres; I simply call it chaotic metal, and it includes elements of black metal, death metal, grindcore, and punk. The lyrics for this style usually include themes of militant anti-Christianity.

From the very beginning of Satanic Fortification Overbalance, you know immediately that Yxxan is heavily influenced by the black metal band, Revenge. You can hear Revenge’s sound through the way the drums are played and by the signature pick slides that they are known for.

I don’t have many criticisms for Yxxan, but I do have one. Honestly, she sounds too much like Revenge. I would like to see her develop her own style. Sometimes, it can be a turnoff when you hear a new band trying too hard to sound like another band.

I believe that with time, Morbid Aggressor will find her own style. The songs that really stood out for me on Satanic Fortification Overbalance are “Holy Father-Dethroned And Desecrated,” “Black Sun Stillborn,” and “Crucifix Grinder.” I really think these are the strongest tracks on the demo. On these three songs, I do hear the chaotic metal style, but Morbid Aggressor also has elements of old school death metal that pleasantly breaks up the monotony.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Yxxan does next. I really think she has a future in the underground metal scene. If your a fan of bands like Blasphemy, Revenge, Conqueror, Death Worship, Bestial Warlust, and Goatpenis, then I definitely recommend picking up Satanic Fortification Overbalance. You can pick up the demo on cassette here.

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