Vertical Acquires North American/UK Rights to Lawrence Fowler’s ‘The Ghost Within’

Vertical has acquired the North American and UK rights to the horror/thriller, The Ghost Within, directed by Lawrence Fowler (The Jack in the Box). The film stars Michaela Longden (The Jack in the Box: Awakening), Rebecca Phillipson (Dazed), and Tom Millen (Star Night). It is set to hit theaters March 17, 2023.


The Ghost Within follows Margot (Michaela Longden), a young woman suffering from severe memory loss who sets out to solve the twenty-year-old mystery of her sister Evie’s death. Returning to her family home, a series of terrifying encounters with her sister’s ghost begin to bring her lost memories back. Aided by an experienced paranormal investigator, Margot’s desperation peaks when she has reason to suspect Evie was murdered at their childhood home. Will she unearth the tragic events of that terrible night to discover her sister’s killer? Or will this desperate hunt for the truth cost the lives of all involved?

Check out the trailer below:


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