Unique Spin On Vampire Tales: Geoff Ryan’s ‘Blood From Stone’ (2020) Movie Review

The vampire tale has been told many times from teen heartthrob to loner to serial killer. The trope has been done over and over. The new film, Blood from Stone, takes that old story and puts its own unique spin on it.


The old era of vampires has been forced into darkness, yet they are drawn to the dawning of a new era for themselves with a longing to be free of their savage curse.

There are two plots that intertwine with each other in Blood From Stone. Vampire Darya AKA Nico (Gabriella Toth) wants to have a normal life which includes jogging and working the bar at a casino in Las Vegas. Nico goes to great lengths to keep her normal human life, but Jure (Vanja Kapetanovic) seems to make it hard for her. Jure is a 180 spin from Nico. He hunts and kills for blood with no care or concern. Jure does not bother with any kind of normal existence.

Blood from Stone looks at vampires as a modern family unit. It goes from normality to horror in a heartbeat. The blend of normality and savage killing works well for the film. It was not a predictable vampire film, which I enjoyed. I liked seeing vampires in a modern setting who are already living and embracing the modern age. Jure was truly the MVP of the movie, bringing the kills in a truly modern age.

Michael Cardonna (These Woods, Brother’s Keeper), along with the production company, Indie Rights, produced Blood From Stone. Geoff Ryan (Fray, Bringing the Galaxy Together) directed and wrote the film. Finally, the cast includes Vanja Kapetanovic (The Shape of Things, Rebellion of the Dolls: World Tour) as Jure, Gabriella Toth (Ricochet, Phone Home) as Nico, Nika Khitrova (Submission, My Crazy Ex) as Viktoria, and finally, Eric Cotti (Hit and Run) played Dr. Raymond Atman. Blood from Stone features locations in Nevada and Los Angeles. Blood from Stone released on VOD on October 31, 2020.

Blood from Stone was overall a unique spin on the vampire tale. It gives a new perspective on vampires by including traditional elements with the modern world. I definitely recommend it if you like vampires with a unique twist. Blood from Stone is currently on VOD and available on Amazon Prime.

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