Trailer and Poster Drop for Ryan Steven Harris’s ‘MOON GARDEN’

Oscilloscope has just dropped the poster and trailer for Ryan Steven Harris’ (Moonfall) new fantasy horror film Moon Garden. The film stars Augie Duke (Narcos: Mexico – TV Series), Haven Lee Harris (One is the Loneliest Number), and Augie Duke (Spring).

Moon Garden

Moon Garden Synopsis

Shot on expired 35mm film stock with vintage lenses, MOON GARDEN is a fantastical odyssey and a visionary, handcrafted work of art. When a little girl has a terrible accident and slips into a coma, she finds herself thrust into a darkly surreal industrial dreamworld. Haunted by a nightmarish specter that feeds off her tears, she must follow her mother’s radio-static voice to find her way back to consciousness.

Check out the trailer below:

Moon Garden has been playing on the festival circuit. A 2023 release is planned, but no official release date is currently available.

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